Cherokee County Farm Bureau (CCFB) was recognized for its outstanding member programs and agricultural advocacy activities at the 85th Annual Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) Convention held Dec. 4-6 on Jekyll Island. William Grizzle is the CCFB president. Shirley Pahl is the CCFB office manager.

CCFB received the GFB Rewarding Excellence in Ag Program (REAP) Harvester Award in the organization’s large membership division. GFB’s REAP award honors county Farm Bureaus for the organization/membership, advocacy, leadership development, education & outreach activities they did between Sept. 1, 2021, and Aug. 31. The REAP Awards are divided into three tiers – Harvester (1st), Planter (2nd) and Cultivator (3rd) with five tier winners in each of GFB’s three membership categories – small, medium & large.

“Georgia Farm Bureau is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. Our organization has thrived since 1937 because of our dedicated volunteer leaders and county staff who work to promote agriculture in their local communities by visiting schools to teach students how farmers grow our food and meeting with their elected officials,” said GFB President Tom McCall. “It’s a pleasure to recognize Cherokee County for the work they have done to promote agriculture in its community this past year.”

As a REAP Harvester Award winner, CCFB President William Grizzle received an embroidered Farm Bureau jacket and CCFB Office Manager Shirley Pahl received a three-day, two-night trip to her choice from several destinations.