Cherokee County Homeless Veteran Program Partners with LYFT/United Way 2-1-1 for new Job Transportation Program

The Cherokee County Homeless Veteran Program has just finished a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Way 2-1-1 Program to provide access to a new pilot LYFT program that will provide Veterans with ride share capability to get to and from their job.

“Transportation continues to be a large issue for our Homeless Veterans as well as those Veterans that are disabled or Veterans who do not have access to public  transportation that would take them to and from their jobs.,’” said Jim Lindenmayer, Director of Cherokee County Homeless Veterans program.

“Cherokee County, like many other rural counties does not have the funds or infrastructure to support a countywide mass transit system as you would find in Atlanta with MARTA or with Cobb County with CCT, added Lindenmayer, and this lack of local governmental program requires creative thinking and making partnerships with other organizations that fill in gaps that we find in our ability to serve our Veterans in need.”

“Using LYFT is not entirely new to us,” Lindenmayer, went on to add, this new pilot program is designed to provide Veterans who are in the job market and cannot afford a car or lack public transportation up to $600 for job related transportation.

The funded program from LYFT was initially announced in January to help Veterans get into and remain in the job force.   United Way 2-1-1 was one of the two organizations that were selected by LYFT to roll out this program.  The original program here in Georgia was focused on covering Veterans in need from the eight counties centered on Atlanta and ended last June, noted Lindenmayer.  Our program was selected last year to participate in the initial LYFT Pilot program managed by United Way 2-1-1 and with the success we had we were again invited to participate in this next pilot program

There are some program requirements that we have to abide by for this program, such as:

  • We only have 6 slots for Veterans for this pilot
  • Veterans must be honorably discharged and provide DD214 to verify their time in service and discharge type.
  • Program is open male and female Veterans
  • All Veteran candidates will be screened for job status prior to being selected for the program
  • The program supports travel to and from work, this includes any pre-job interviews as well as any job related medical testing required by employers
  • Initially each candidate will be given $300 for the program with the ability to qualify for the additional $300 which make up the $600 total grant per person.
  • Candidates must have a smart phone and have the LYFT app loaded on their phone.
  • Candidates must possess a credit card
  • Any non-job related transportation costs is to be paid for by the Veteran for using LYFT
  • Rides must be within the 25 mile radius of Canton.
  • Program is set to end on May 31, 2021

If you are an employer of a Veteran who needs transportation or a Veteran who wants to be considered for this pilot program you are to contact Jim Lindenmayer the project lead either at 678.983.7590 or via email at

The Cherokee County Homeless Veteran Program is a 501(c) 19 Veteran non-profit and is part of the American Legion in Cherokee County Georgia.  The American Legion is the largest Veteran support group in the U.S. with Posts in 14,000 communities around the country with 2.4 million members. For more information, go to: