Going Green Practices For Your Business

“Going Green” has moved beyond just an eco-friendly buzzword and into an expectation that businesses and individuals will implement sustainable, environmentally conscious decisions and practices.

Many large corporations have taken the charge to overhaul their processes to ensure that they are decreasing their carbon footprint. But is your business doing all that it can do? Let’s look at some of the easy changes your organization can make to be a bit greener!

Utilize the 3 “R’s” — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To reduce, limit the amount of waste you create. It’s important to implement good habits like using a reusable water bottle and reusable grocery bags, while opting for paperless options whenever possible. Utilize cloud programs for storing documents and only print when necessary.

To reuse, recognize when items can be used for other purposes. For example, have a yard sale! You may not need the extra items in your home or office, but someone might find great value in them — it’s a win, win! Donating clothes, books, furniture, electronics, and more to thrift stores or non-profits is a great way to give gently used items a new home and a new life. Instead of throwing out office supplies that you don’t use, donate them to a local school drive! Even if something isn’t in great shape, find a way to use it for a new purpose. Reusing items in a new way can cut back on the amount of material in the waste stream.

When recycling, you’re diverting items away from landfills and making them available to manufacturers who can create new products out of the recycled materials. Doing this saves energy, raw materials, water, and reduces the amount of pollution in the air. You can also be a part of the cycle by purchasing products made of recycled materials! You know those items have conserved resources and contributed to a better quality of life.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Chamber hosts an annual Earth Day Recycling Event that encourages the public’s participation in recycling electronics, shoes, gardening containers, paper, aluminum cans, car seats, and more! This event is part of the Chamber’s Going Green initiative that encourages businesses to reduce their impact on the environment. This year’s Earth Day Recycling event will be held rain or shine on Friday, April 19th from 1:00-4:00 PM at the Chamber Office, 3605 Marietta Highway/Canton.

To learn some additional Green Facts and find recycling resources in Cherokee County, visit the Chamber’s Going Green page here: https://cherokeechamber.com/programs-events/programs/going-green/