History Cherokee releases a children’s book featuring Salty Dog

Bring home Salty Dog for the holidays in History Cherokee’s newest book on local history, “Salty Dog Goes to Denim Day.” Written by Canton screenwriter Jennifer Dunn and beautifully illustrated by noted watercolor artist Elly Hobgood, this book pays tribute to Canton’s favorite droopy-eared mascot, historic downtown Canton, and the Canton Cotton Mills.

Weaving in historic facts and visits to local Canton landmarks, “Salty Dog Goes to Denim Day” takes readers on a delightful journey through the heart of 1960s downtown Canton and into the daily bustle of the Canton Cotton Mills. Salty Dog’s mama works at the Canton Cotton Mills. One day she heads out for work, accidentally leaving her lunchbox at home. Salty Dog spots the forgotten lunchbox and heads out on a mission to bring mama her lunch.

“This book introduces a whole new generation to Salty Dog,” said Stefanie Joyner, executive director of History Cherokee. “People who worked at the Mills can now share that experience with their grandchildren as they explore with Salty Dog.”

“Salty Dog Goes to Denim Day” will be available for purchase only at the Cherokee County History Center and the Cotton Mill Exchange at The Mill on Etowah beginning November 26. Books are available for preorder at historycherokee.org/salty-dog/.

Salty Dog was created in 1963 to serve as the mascot for the Canton Cotton Mills’ brand of SCRUBDENIM. The fabric was known for its softening process which was perfected in Canton as a way to make the denim soft while preserving its durability. The use of Salty Dog came from the brand’s slogan, “Soft as a puppy, yet rugged as an old hound dog.” While the Canton Cotton Mills have long been closed, the advancements made there are still used today to make denim comfortable to wear.

Visit historycherokee.org or call 770-345-3288 for more information on “Salty Dog Goes to Denim Day” or to plan your visit to the Cherokee County History Center.