iLoveKare, established in 2013 by Kimberly Haase, is a compassionate team committed to enhancing the lives of those we serve. Our highly trained and empathetic caregivers offer personalized home care tailored to each client’s unique needs and schedules, empowering them to savor life on their own terms. With 23 years of experience working with aging adults, Kimberly brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her role. She actively contributes to various organizations.

iLoveKare offers a wedding concierge service. Our service is here to support your matriarch and patriarch on your special day!! We want your wedding day to be perfect. With our concierge-based service you can bring in iLoveKare to support your matriarch or patriarch to make sure they are dressed appropriately and on time for your special day. Our services include travel to the venue, assistance during the wedding day, and dropping them off at the appropriate location once the wedding is over. This delivers a stress-free day for the whole family, to ensure their loved one is safe and taken care of.

Please feel free to reach out to Kimberly Haase, or Kaelie Birkett, Social Media Manager, for any questions.