Lemonade Day Student Entrepreneurship Program is back

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce has officially announced that Lemonade Day is back in Cherokee County. The program teaches leadership and business skills by encouraging students to launch a lemonade business in their community. Since 2007, more than 1 million students have learned about business ownership by participating in Lemonade Day.

Lemonade Day Cherokee County is planned for Saturday, May 6th from 10 AM-2 PM at locations all over Cherokee County. Interested third through fifth grade students are encouraged to participate, and advance registration is required.  Register now by visiting Lemonadeday.org/Cherokee-county.  Interested patrons can also visit this link to learn where the stands will be setup.

“Cities and communities that host Lemonade Day programs for students in third through fifth are making a difference in a positive, meaningful way: they are demonstrating their commitment to bettering people, society and the economy by supporting youth entrepreneurship,” states Debbie Nazarian, Lemonade Day National Director.

Through the program, students will engage with community leaders, financial institutions, elected officials, businesses, youth organizations, schools, churches, and non-profit organizations who are already demonstrating their commitment to helping students learn valuable lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime.

The impact of a program like Lemonade Day is four-fold: 1) teach financial literacy to students, which is often not included in school curriculum; 2) promote entrepreneurship, which is key to jumpstarting economic growth in the state; 3) teach students to be responsible and self-reliant, and to contribute to their community’s development; and 4) foster mentorship and bring families together.

Youth entrepreneurship is gaining momentum around the world. Studies have proven that introducing students to entrepreneurial experiences at an early age makes a measurable impact on their future decisions related to education, training, life, and work.

“Lemonade Day is an exciting way to impact the student’s lives through both learning and earning”, remarked Chamber Board Chair Trey Ragsdale, External Affairs, Kaiser Permanente.

The learning side includes youth entrepreneurship lessons that are outlined via the My Lemonade Day app taking participants through the journey of planning, launching, and operating a business. The valuable lessons of Lemonade Day include setting a goal, making a plan, working the plan, and achieving their dreams. Once a student pays their investor(s) back, they keep all the money they earn and are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some of their profit.

Want to know how you can be involved in Lemonade Day Cherokee County, email LemonadeDay@CherokeeChamber.com or visit LemonadeDay.org/Cherokee-County.