Love Our Schools – Be A Partner in Education

Strong school systems build strong communities. They bring families to the area and support the education of the next generation. A strong education means a strong workforce – something that the business community greatly benefits from. When community-minded businesses get involved by supporting our schools, everyone benefits.

As a way to bring Cherokee County’s businesses and schools together, the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce created the Partners in Education (PIE) program. The goal of the program is to provide support to students in Cherokee County. Currently, through the PIE program, more than 190 businesses are working with local schools to enhance the educational opportunities of students.

The Chamber connects member businesses with schools to establish mutually beneficial relationships. Your business can choose to support a school(s) through any means that works for both organizations. All activities of businesses and schools should meet educationally sound goals that have been established by both parties through a “Partnership Agreement.”

Join us in “Loving Our Schools” this February!

Partnering can take on many forms and range from in-kind to volunteer support. A partnership can be as simple as agreeing to read to a kindergarten class, judging an art contest, or speaking to high school students about careers. Here are some ways you can love our schools:


  • Spelling Bee Judge
  • Talent Show Judge
  • Senior Project Judge
  • Assist with School Spirit Days
  • Fall Festival
  • Bingo Night
  • Career Day
  • Read Across America Day
  • Field Day
  • Relay for Life


  • Extracurricular Clubs
  • Booster Clubs
  • Internships or Apprenticeships
  • Help in areas of specialization for your business:
    • Dental Education
    • Driver Training Classes
    • Workshops for parents


  • School clinic supplies
  • Food or clothing to a “Care Closet”
  • Student incentives or awards
  • School supplies for students and teachers


  • Teacher Appreciation Week event
  • Students in need at the holidays
  • Help fund field trips for students who need assistance
  • Beginning/End of Year Teacher breakfast/lunch

Getting involved with the schools in Cherokee County is a wonderful promotion of your business, while also providing a volunteer outlet for community-minded individuals. Giving back in this way is a great use of your time, your energy, and your business resources and it showcases your organization’s caring spirit.

“Love Our Schools” and your community by becoming a Partner in Education!

If you would like to become a partner in education, you may apply here: