A proud moment for a Chamber of Commerce is when its members are able to connect with, support, partner with, and grow with each other. Our Chamber’s vision is to be the Cherokee County business community’s trusted source for comprehensive resources. It is exciting to see our members utilize those resources and grow their organizations!

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce recently held its annual Picnic in the Park Membership Appreciation Event that celebrates our members’ involvement in our organization. After the event, we had the opportunity to ask them about their favorite part of being a member of the Chamber. Here’s what they said!

“Being a member of the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce is welcoming and has a hometown feeling that is unique and special. You feel like everyone knows your name!” – Marie Davis, Georgia Center for Employee Ownership

“One of the things that I enjoy the most is meeting such interesting people. Everyone has a story and to have time to sit down with someone, share a meal, and hear from them is worth it. We have to take the time and enjoy the company of others that want to make Cherokee special.” – Scott Feight, Foundation for Hospital Art

“In one year, my network has exploded by engaging in Chamber events. The businesses and representatives of the Chamber have become colleagues and friends who continue to provide value and referrals to my business. Today’s appreciation event perfectly captures how even the most important leaders in the county value serving others, breaking bread, and celebrating everyone who is collaborating for good in Cherokee County.” – Chicka Elloy, Canton City Lifestyle Magazine

“Being a member of the Chamber allows me to attend a variety of great community events, stay up to date on what’s happening, and meet incredible people who make Cherokee County great.” – Dana Martin, Cherokee County Public Services Agency Director

“The Chamber has provided many great opportunities for me to meet community-oriented people who are building interesting businesses. It’s also been a good resource for connecting with local and state politicians. The most enjoyable part for me personally is learning about others’ business challenges and being able to match-make them with people and/or resources that can help. It’s been fun to encourage younger business owners and to introduce them to the wealth of resources and talent available in the county through Chamber membership. We are so very fortunate to have a fantastic team at the Chamber that organizes great events. They’re also super-responsive when information is needed.” – Clark Cordner

“I enjoy the sense of community and feeling connected. It’s much more than just businesses gathering, I feel like I belong to a very supportive family. As a small, relatively new nonprofit, I’ve benefited from so many of the programs and presentations offered and try to take advantage of as many as I can. As a brand new member (I think I’d only been there a month) I went to Coffee and Connections, and I was so nervous because I didn’t know anyone. The warm friendly welcome that I received was more that I can describe and convinced me to keep coming back!” – Marianne Butler, The Homeless Coalition of Cherokee County

“My membership in the Chamber affords me the opportunity to connect with other business owners and professionals. There is a familiarity quotient and a healthy dose of family kindness and friendship.” – Alan King, King & Son Consulting

“Being a member of the Chamber allows our business, Global Restoration, to collaborate and build relationships with local businesses. Developing these relationships allows us a better platform to offer our services to commercial and residential clients of Cherokee County.” – Kerri Conley, Global Restoration

“Getting to meet so many business owners in Cherokee County and share what we have to offer has been the highlight of our short time in the Chamber. We’ve known our product is a valuable addition to the area but have not had the platform to share it until joining the Chamber this year. The response we’ve received from fellow members and Chamber leadership has been overwhelmingly positive. We have already developed so many new relationships and business development opportunities in such a short period of time, it’s easy to see the value in the membership.” – Robbie Underwood, Holbrook Catering & Events

“I’d like to thank the Cherokee County Chamber for all that they do for our community and helping me grow my business! You are all greatly appreciated!” – Tracey Boltres, Pied Piper Pest Control

We appreciate each one of our members! Whether you’ve been involved in the Chamber for 30 years or 30 days, we’re glad you’re here. Our team of volunteers and staff work to deliver programs and events that help us meet our mission – to promote business to expand the economy and enrich the community.