Location, Location, Location

The three most important factors in deciding where to live are often said to be location, location, and, yes, location. There is no doubt that Cherokee County provides the perfect location for a great lifestyle. Locating in Cherokee County means great choices of where to live, whether in a fresh urban setting with a small town feel close to restaurants, shopping and entertainment, a friendly family neighborhood with plenty of active lifestyle choices, or on private acreage.

Whatever location is most appealing, in Cherokee County homeowners and residents find a host of natural resources to make life more enjoyable, such as Lake Allatoona and the recreational facilities and opportunities it brings, as well as the rivers, mountains and woodlands offering the best in outdoor living. Cultural activities abound in every direction of the county, and local schools offer a great education for those living here. Cherokee County’s five cities each present their own distinct personalities for those who desire to live in town. For those looking for rural beauty, horse farms and wide open spaces are easy to find. In addition, plenty of great shopping and restaurants mean an abundance of variety. Cherokee County is home to a number of fine golf courses and other recreational facilities as well.

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