Programs Partner to Create Veterans Vocational Scholarship Fund

The Cherokee County Homeless Veteran Program, along with American Legion Thomas M. Brady Post 45 are pleased to announce the creation of a Veteran Vocational Scholarship fund to help Veterans in Cherokee County obtain a vocational job education that will allow the Veteran to get a career job.

Leaving the military and living in a new area such as Cherokee County, can create some new challenges for our honorably discharged Veterans. Many Veterans who can use their Post 911 GI Bill to get an education and those Veterans who did not earn the Post 911 GI Bill need a hand up not charity to help with their job search to find a well-paying career job, noted Jim Lindenmayer Director of Cherokee County Homeless Veterans program.

This scholarship, the idea of another Veteran, is designed to help pay some of the costs for Vocational jobs such as apprenticeships, or internships as well as some costs associated with the initial 90 days of probation such as temporary housing costs and food.

We want to make sure that we, as a Veteran Service Organization are looking for ways to help the Veterans in our county any way that we can., said Raymond Rollins, Commander of Post 45.

The scholarships are open to any honorably discharged Veteran who is looking to get into a Vocational job here in Cherokee County. The scholarship is there also to help get needed vocational skills from local colleges and Universities in and near Cherokee County such as Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Technical College, and Reinhardt University. The scholarship is also looking to work with local companies and trade unions to get potential candidates into these programs as well.

The scholarship varies in award and is based on the type of vocational job or education applying for. The top scholarship award is up to $5,000. There is an application and interview process that a perspective Veteran, whether male or female, must complete. The application process is to be reviewed quarterly so as to help Veterans as quickly as possible.

Funding for this program is being made initially available through the help and generosity of two Veterans who see this program as being needed. The Program is intended to be funded through other fundraisers or donations on an ongoing basis.

If you know of a Veteran who might be helped by this scholarship, please contact Jim Lindenmayer directly at or at 678.983.7590. Additionally, you can call or Raymond Rollins, at the American Legion Thomas M. Brady Post 45 at 770-479-4405