$hop Cherokee


The $hop Cherokee campaign is a Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce program to support local businesses. The $hop Cherokee mission is to encourage our community to spend locally and save jobs.


Who does $hop Cherokee support? Everyone! When you support local businesses, our entire community benefits. Businesses and individuals can support the $hop Cherokee Campaign by:

  • Purchasing goods and services locally, wherever possible.
  • Supporting our community through charitable contributions.
  • Encouraging family, friends, vendors, customers and associates to $hop Cherokee.
  • Hire local residents, whenever possible.


Why Should You $hop Cherokee?

  • Purchases made locally contribute to the fund for city & county provided services, including schools, police, fire, senior services, libraries, street maintenance, street lights and parks.
  • Buying locally helps creates job in our community.
  • Buying locally improves our economy and the economic environment for all businesses.
  • Spending locally means that your sales tax dollars will be re-invested in our community.
  • Investing in our local businesses makes those businesses able to nurture our community through donations to community causes and organizations.