Spring is here! With warmer weather and longer days, there are even more opportunities to get out into our community and enjoy all that Cherokee County has to offer. We hope whatever you do, you “Keep It Local”.

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce created the “Keep It Local” campaign to encourage our community to spend their dollars here in Cherokee – giving back to their local economy. Local businesses are often owned and operated by community members just like you. They have families to buy groceries and clothes for, they buy homes from local realtors, they purchase insurance from local agents, they need supplies for their businesses, and so on.

By creating a community that “Keeps It Local”, we aim to change the mindset around what shopping local really means. We want to broaden the spectrum of the typical “Shop Local” campaign and encourage our community to focus on “spending” over “shopping.” Let’s go beyond just retail purchases and holiday activations, because the dollars we spend on everyday products and services matter to our local economy, too.

In fact, according to the Business Edit, for every $100 spent with a local business, small businesses generate $68 in local economic return. The revenue generated through sales taxes from local businesses helps support our local government, our schools, and our infrastructure.

When you need your HVAC serviced, opt for a business in Cherokee County. When you need an event catered, opt for a business in Cherokee County. When you need coffee on your commute to work, pick up a cup in Cherokee before crossing the county line. Does your kid need sports gear, or do you need clothes for work? Even a new wardrobe? Buy it at a business in Cherokee.

The more business growth there is, the more local jobs there will be for those seeking better opportunities in our community. According to the Small Business Administration, “The 2019 Small Business Profiles show that small businesses added 1.8 million net new jobs in the United States during the last year studied. The United States has 30.7 million small businesses, and they employ 47.3 percent of the private workforce.”

While we do encourage you to spend your dollars in small businesses that are locally owned, all the money you spend in Cherokee County, whether it be with a household name big-box store or chain retailer or your neighbor, contributes to the local economy.

Beyond the material purchases, we also want you to experience Cherokee County! So, join us by springing into action by spending time in one of our parks, enjoying a meal at one of our many restaurants, strolling through Gibbs Gardens, and the list goes on and on.

Whatever you experience, whatever you do, Keep It Local!