In our careers, as in our lives, sometimes we simply need advice. Whether it’s professional or personal, the wisdom that a mentor, coworker, or friend gives you can change your perspective or help you on your path. It’s critical to surround ourselves with a community of people who we respect and whose experience we value.

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce is fortunate to have a variety of experienced professionals that serve as leaders on our Board of Directors. They were asked to share some of the best advice they have received or given at some stage of their career. These Board members represent a variety of ages, industries, career paths, and experiences. This is reflected in the advice they’ve shared below.

“The best piece of business advice I’ve received is from one of my clients who runs a very successful commercial interior renovation company, and it is as follows: ‘Don’t eat the seed corn’, meaning, always have some cash in the bank and don’t overleverage yourself or your assets.” – Eric Rein, 2024 Chamber Board Chair, Renasant Bank

“Focus on relationships.  Get to know your clients and your coworkers.  When they become like family then it makes the hard stuff worth the effort.” – Neil Blackman, 2024 Chair-Elect, Corblu Ecology Group, LLC

“Love what you do. Take the time to find your passion and do it. My passion is being able to help businesses and non-profits in our community.” – Lori Flink, Allegro Business Products

“Always have an attitude of gratitude and volunteer in your local business community on a regular basis” – Vic Knight, Waste Management

“As business thought leaders and industry experts emphasize the importance of developing and implementing an HR infrastructure, it is also important to lay timely and important groundwork for attracting and retaining top, diverse talent.  However, if ranked as a low priority, this oversight can leave a company vulnerable as they plan for continued business growth.” – Sherry Lowe-Cooke, Vice Chair – Community Relations, COACHNWORKS, LLC 

“Two people that I admire and respect immensely manage teams and organizations using the same guiding principles: prioritize relationships with others, show irrational kindness, and express genuine gratitude as often as possible.” – Michelle Meek, The Children’s Haven

A good reputation is hard to ATTAIN; but even harder to MAINTAIN.” – Tracey Satterfield Martin, Live Clean, Inc.

“What resonates with me is the value of my place on a team of professionals. Bernie Marcus once told the leadership team at Home Depot when they sought his advice on the declining morale in the company, “I want you to remember this, you have a prominent role at Home Depot, but you do not have a significant role. The significant roles are held by the people who serve customers every day.” I truly believe my job is made easier each day by the people on the frontline who care for the patients and their families at Northside.” – Jennifer Stanley, Northside Hospital Cherokee

“‘It’s all about relationships.’ This saying has been time-tested with seeds planted through good deeds, encouraging words, or ‘doing right’ by others yielding harvest years later. The goal is not to ‘give in order to gain’ but ‘give.’ Period. Gain may come in this life or not.  Zig Ziglar famously said, ‘You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want,’ so there’s the business case.” – Jay Street, Vice Chair – Business & Economic Stability, Automated Solutions Consulting Group, Inc.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be eager to continuously learn, adapt, and grow.” – Anna Teal, Teal Marketing, LLC

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce appreciates its Board of Directors who volunteer their time and energy toward helping the Chamber uphold its mission to promote business to expand the economy and enrich the community.