Despite the world of Google reviews and internet listings, personal recommendations still carry a lot of weight when it comes to doing business. People value the experiences of their peers, friends, and family and are more likely to do business with a company that came from a personal interaction.

Think about it – when you need a new company to service your home’s HVAC or lawncare, who do you ask for a recommendation? Who do you ask for information regarding volunteer hours or places to buy your child’s sports gear? Perhaps a friend at church, a neighbor, or a family member who recently had a similar issue.

By getting involved with the Chamber, you have access to hundreds of representatives from organizations across Cherokee County. Those connections can spark conversations related to both professional and personal experiences – some that might help you along your way. We can always be looking to grow in our understanding of the resources available to us, because you never know when you might need them.

Importantly, as you grow in your involvement with the Chamber, the people in your circle will start to recognize you as someone who’s “in the know”. When a friend sees you at the football game, they might ask, “Hey, I need someone to take a look at my water heater. Do you know anyone from the Chamber?” Maybe it’s more along the lines of, “My daughter needs to earn some community service hours, is there anything you’ve heard about?” You can become a trusted recommender to people in your personal life, social circles, and community based on the conversations people know you’ve had through Chamber events.

Your knowledge can expand beyond business names and employee titles by attending the many Chamber events and programs offered. Involvement with the Chamber gives you access to programming that is useful in professional development and in life. It’s helpful to understand the perspectives of different generations, both in the workplace and in our community – something that the Chamber’s Emerge! event discussed. It’s important to know how to ‘fill our buckets’ with positivity and build strong relationships – a topic discussed by Dr. Ike Reighard at a Good Morning Cherokee breakfast. How to discover authentic leadership in yourself and others is a tool we learned from Sean Georges, J.D., LL.M.S. at Leadership Symposium. Even aside from programs and speakers, of which we offer many throughout the year, you can lean into your Chamber community and learn valuable lessons through conversations with peers and friends that could help you solve a problem for your business.

Beyond business recommendations and industry knowledge, it’s beneficial for all of us to be in community with like-minded people. You never know who you might meet that could be going through a similar life circumstance or might simply need the support of others. Maybe you know of someone looking for a new career path or maybe you met someone at Business After Hours who will become a close friend. We have the opportunity at the Chamber to help people find their place.

The Chamber of Commerce aims to be the business community’s trusted source for comprehensive resources. We are also a resource to the public for information and recommendations regarding the local area, dining, entertainment, and services. However, when asked, the Chamber only recommends Chamber member businesses. Take charge of your resources and become a wealth of knowledge for your community! Get involved in Chamber events and programs today.